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uPVC Doors Windows System
Optimum Thermal Insulation With Innovative Construction
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uPVC is the most used material for windows across the whole of world. With its excellent price – performance ratio and great insulation properties, uPVC is often the first choice for windows.
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • High durability
  • High level of efficiency
  • Good thermal insulation: U values from 0.8 to 1.15 W/m₂K
  • Choice of frame features
  • High protection against noise and climate
  • Variety of colours and freedom of configuration
  • High security
Main characteristics and innovations of our products:
    Basic colors of lamination
    Aluminium windows and doors system
    More products
    The Highest Quality Requirement and a Multitude of Windows, Doors and Facades
    High stability, energy efficiency, increased value, variety of finishes, narrow frames, simple operation, minimal maintenance and long service life. With aluminium windows, it is creating quality of life in the long term.
    • Total weather resistance
    • Increase in real estate value
    • High transparency
    • Passivhaus Certification
    • New design for the leaf frame, based on the block design for narrow face widths
    • Synthetic parts from renewable raw materials
    • Maximum thermal insulation for 90 mm depth of construction: U value of 1.0 W / m²
    • Variety of profile types and freedom of configuration.
    • An outstanding thermal insulation: U value of 1.2W / m²K
    • Optimum comfort of use thanks to the variety of opening types
    • Harmonious external appearance due to narrow face widths (17mm)
    We are the young, ambitions and professional team, who started their way in 2002. Today PERFECT™ is the large factory with modern equipment, with a wide network of branches all over Ukraine and abroad.
    That's why PERFECT™ is a really good choice
    We use only the best row materials
    Modern technologies
    We use modern technologies and automatic production line
    Total quality control at all production stage
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